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Sunday, 12 April 2015

Park Ethics:

Firstly always stick to the parks rules and Always put the animals first
* Respect all animals, and stay a safe and respectable distance from them.
   * Don't get out of cars or hang out of windows for extra at sightings. (Remember animals are wild and don't know that they should harm you)
   * Don't litter or through your stompies out of your car.
* If there are lots of cars at the sights, wait your turn rather than crowding the animal
* Don't feed the animals , Keep the peace
* keep as quite as possible (no music, no shouting,no mobile phone conversations, talk in a whisper) especially when approaching a sighting or sitting at a sighting.
* Don't call out to the animal or try make animal sounds or bang the side of your car
* Once in position switch off your engine and Have respect for each other
* Wait for your turn - the first vehicle’s at a sighting have priority, so don't drive in front of them or block their view. ( most drivers will signal for you to come forward)
* If there is a queue of cars waiting, don't take to long at a sighting - try give everyone a chances.
* General Patience needs to be demonstrated when sharing the road with other visitors and wildlife. 
* Speed needs to be reduced to the advised limits
                            - remember this is a game drive slow down and
                                                          enjoy the view!