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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Dog Food Drive: for the love of dogs and Rhinos

For all the wildlife enthusiasts and animal lovers out there, we call on you to join us in a food drive for HiP’s anti-poaching dogs . We are calling on the public to come together on #WorldRhinoDay and support the K9 Unit in the Hluhluwe- imfolozi Park by donating food for the canine heroes in the fight against poaching.

While many of us enjoy game viewing and tracking of game in Hluhluwe- imfolozi Park, there are always poachers somewhere out there in the wilderness and a ranger with a working dog, in hot pursuit, with the knowledge that they might have to give up their lives for a bigger causes and for the world and future generations to enjoy. These unsung heroes of conservation, along with their support team, risk their lives every day to save our precious rhinos. Many man hours and funds goes into training and maintaining these dogs, which have resulted in many successful arrests. But these dogs need your support and one way is to help keep this four-legged force battle-ready is through the donation of food. Hence our HiP Dog Food Drive run by our Hilltop Honorary Officer group. If you love dogs and our rhinos, simply donate a bag of food and we will make sure it gets to our dedicated ant poaching dogs.
There are two ways you can get involved in the Dog Food Drive:

1. Drop off a bag of food at the HiP gates! Kicking off on #WorldRhinoDay the public will have from 22 September 2016 until the 30th of September to drop off as many bags of dog food as they can. These unsung heroes have a very specific diet which allows them to maintain their health, fitness and optimal performances. So we ask that you only please purchase Science Hill’s plan Canine Adult Advanced Fitness or Eukanuba Working and Endurance Adult, as any change in diet can affect performance. These are specialty dry food that are stocked at vet stores. Collect from your friends and family and email us to arrange collection.  admin@hilltophonoraryofficers.org.za 

2.    Donate money to the cause!  If you Live outside of South Africa, simply can’t afford a bag, or just want to do your. Send an email to  admin@hilltophonoraryofficers.org.za 
      requesting the bank details, which will be sent to you along with a reference that should be used when making the transfer. Get your colleagues friends, family ,clubs and school involved as little as ZAR10   can help all donations are welcome and all funds go directly back to the K9 Unit in the Hluhluuwe -imfolozi Park.
While the dogs are lovingly cared for by the team in the Hluhluwe -imfolozi  Park, the cost of fighting the rhino poaching crisis is so extremely high that any funding is spread thinly between. So a simple gesture like providing staple food means that vigorous monies can be spent in other vital areas. The more help we can rally up, the better.
And with your help we can show our anti-poaching dogs just how much we care. Our rhino dogs thanking you in advance for your generosity! #rhinodogs

You can also help by spreading the word by sharing this article and changing your Facebook or WhatsApp profile photo to our badge for the month of September. You can download from it from – www.hilltophonoraryofficers.org.za ,  www.kznsightings.co.za or download here