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Monday, 31 August 2015

Fun and games at Isimangaliso MTB cycle challenge – August 2015

Is a unique 4-day-stage, 260 km event allows Mountain Bikers access to areas within iSimangaliso Wetland Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site, far off the normal tourist routes, allowing riders to experience the values this park has to offer. 

Hilltop honorary officers offered our services to this great event with some of us working Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It was a great experience, even though the days were long and the opportunity to see game was limited. However I’m sure most of us were quite relieved that the game decided to limit themselves on the routes that we were manning. 

The weekend wasn’t a total loss of game and we picked up some great sights to and from our manning points and our Saturday afternoon quick turn to the hide paid off.

The weekend added some great impromptu team building exercises both big and small. Such as testing our night tent pitching skills and one of our team’s member’s dedication to their job. Well done Bill and Brigid for the dedication you showed even after you’re off road breakdown, being towed to your point and finishing off your duty, most would have given up.