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Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Gyms for the fore front Field Ranger’s

Late year Hluhluwe Hilltop Honorary Officers took to the challenge to help create five small remote gyms. The Section Rangers were looking for Gym equipment to build small gyms in the remote Field Ranger Camps where the teams can use the time between patrols to do exercises and build up their physical strength to assist them in conducting their physical tasks.

Our main aim was and is  to provide weight training access as their patrols during the day keep their aerobic fitness up,  weights will improve leg strength for hills; chasing poachers etc. and a stronger upper body will help in long extended patrols where they carry heavy backpacks (40kg).We have this year equipping another 6 camps with gym equipment to help the H.I.P field rangers keep fit in there down time to help fight the war against poaching and to show that people do care and appreciated their efforts.
The Hluhluwe Hilltop Honorary Officers would like to thank our sponsors that help make this project a possibility. Thank you for the support from RBCT, Duys, Gym Africa, Leomat and the individual’s members of the public.
The project is still on going and we will be working at increasing the remote gyms equipment in the camps. If you would like to help with this project and sponsor equipment or funds please email admin@hilltophonoraryofficers.org.za.

Still needed Weight plates and Punch bags and gloves